You have seen previous blogs on the ecological services that Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. has provided to Forest Park Forever. Native Landscape Solutions does a great job of introducing more native plants to Forest Park and on remediating and revitalizing existing native areas.  A few weeks ago, we received marching orders to sow native prairie seed into a large part of Forest Park’s new Playscape area.  We used our Truax no-til seed drill and carefully and professionally sowed quite a few different native seed mixes into the appropriate locations.  Our Truax opens up a shallow trench, lays the correct amount of seed into each mini trench and then covers it back up, placing the seed at the perfect depth.  Under careful stewardship by Forest Park Forever, these areas will become a beautiful prairie of native grasses and wildflowers over the next five years.  And then, visitors will enjoy this prairie for many, many years to come.  Thanks to Forest Park Forever for trusting us with some of your important projects.