At Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. we provide a significant amount of stewardship work for area stormwater BMPs.  These bioretention basins are an important part of MSD’s job to enhance the water quality in our area.  MSD inspectors visit all BMPs on an annual basis to insure that they are functioning properly.  When the Inspector recently visited Aviator Business Park (the 160 acre property that once was home to a Ford Automobile Assembly Plant) they told the Property Manager that these were the best maintained BMPs in St. Louis.  That made us quite proud as we have maintained these basins since they were first installed.  Kudos to our knowledgeable, hard working crews for all of their skillful work at Aviator.  NLS always strives to be the best and we appreciate the recognition of a job well done. Take a look at these beautiful flowers that include Butterfly Milkweed, Slender Mountain Mint, Purple Coneflowers, Liatris, Asters, and more!!