We recently had the pleasure of planting this landscape that will provide resources for pollinators and people! Native plants such as cardinal flower, purple coneflower, aster, calamint, and golden groundsel provide great floral resources for pollinators. We also planted larval food plants for caterpillars such as pawpaw, oak, and milkweed.  Did you know that over 500 species of insects depend on oaks as their food source? And all baby birds are raised on insects!!! We also planted species that provide food for people such as pawpaws, persimmon, and hazelnut. These are native Missouri trees and shrubs that have edible fruits. We also are using native plants to help manage the water in the yard. By planting plants like buttonbush, swamp milkweed, and bald cypress that love wet spaces in the wet areas of the yard we will help the water to soak into the soil instead of pooling or running off. Going native can help people and the environment, and is beautiful too.