Are you kidding?  Did you take a picture of Dandelions?  Imagine the embarrassment of the building owner, the patrons of the establishment, the early pollinators? Wait, what was that about pollinators?  How about a paradigm shift- what once was bad, is now good?  Kinda? The truth of the matter is the early emerging native bee and other pollinators have slim pickings for spring pollen sources.  So this much maligned plant- Taraxacum officials- introduced to our environs, now ranges from Florida to Alaska.  To make it more interesting, it’s a member of the Aster family- generally late summer and fall is the Aster flower show case. There are some other invasive species like Hawkweed which are similar in appearance in flower, but those deeply toothed basal rosette leaves are hard to misidentify- after all we have made Dandelions one of our biggest weed targets in our suburban and urban lawns. It even gets its picture on weed control labels- kind of an all star  invasive!  But I just have to wonder, do the native bees and early pollinators believe it is an All Star too.

When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.