One of the joys of all things native is the increased insect, bird and mammal activity which follow shortly behind the use of native species in the landscape.  As the seasons pass the bird activity in particular changes, at our home we feed the birds year round.  Having five different species of woodpecker frequent our bend in the creek, we are always leaving suet cakes out for the birds.  They are visited often by other species as well, especially Cardinals.  But of late, not nearly a bird has stopped by.  So it got me a thinking, where are all the birds?  They are still around, just doing other things or found other sources of nutrition.  That little revelation hit me yesterday, as I noticed a small colony of Robins, Cardinals and Cedar Wax Wings on my row of mature Eastern Red Cedars.  The Juniper berries this year are a bumper crop. Then I got to thinking, started looking on the other side of the fence – my suspicions unfortunately confirmed- yep Honeysuckle with those little evil red berries- a bumper crop as well!   And there were all of our neighborhood birds- locked in to some high sucrose junk food.  I can’t wait for winter – I miss my birds relying on my bird seed and suet cakes.
When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.