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Beauty in Bloom

Who says native plants are weedy and unattractive?  You will never hear that from Native Landscape Solutions, because we focus on their beauty everyday.  These photos are from a client’s yard, designed and installed by us.  Could it be any more beautiful?  Plus, they get this same amazing show every year as the durable, perennial native wildflowers repeat their blooms on a predictable, annual schedule.  Showing in these picture are native coreopsis, butterfly milkweed and how about that bright purple poppy mallow?  Plant some great native wildflowers today!

Forest Park Forever

You have seen previous blogs on the ecological services that Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. has provided to Forest Park Forever. Native Landscape Solutions does a great job of introducing more native plants to Forest Park and on remediating and revitalizing existing native areas.  A few weeks ago, we received marching orders to sow native prairie seed into a large part of Forest Park’s new Playscape area.  We used our Truax no-til seed drill and carefully and professionally sowed quite a few different native seed mixes into the appropriate locations.  Our Truax opens up a shallow trench, lays the correct amount of seed into each mini trench and then covers it back up, placing the seed at the perfect depth.  Under careful stewardship by Forest Park Forever, these areas will become a beautiful prairie of native grasses and wildflowers over the next five years.  And then, visitors will enjoy this prairie for many, many years to come.  Thanks to Forest Park Forever for trusting us with some of your important projects.

Forest Park Forever Landscaping

Founded in 1986, Forest Park Forever is a private nonprofit conservancy that works in partnership with the City of St. Louis and the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry to restore, maintain and sustain Forest Park as one of America’s greatest urban public parks.  If you have been to Forest Park in the last few years you have seen the fruits of their work with restored infrastructure and many beautifully landscaped areas with an emphasis on native, ecological landscapes.  They are doing fantastic work.

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. is proud to provide services to Forest Park Forever from time to time.  We recently installed new landscape plantings at the World’s Fair Pavilion, specifically at the garden room arm level of government hill.  The project was designed by Forest Park Forever and installed by us – hundreds of new plants to upgrade the area.  Working closely together, we were able to get the entire job completed (old plants removed, beds raked out, new plants installed, mulching, and complete cleanup) in around 5 days.  No muss – no fuss.  Thanks to the fine managers at Forest Park Forever as we are proud to provide our professional services to help with your projects.

The Great Caterpillar Rescue


August is monarch season in Missouri. Monarch butterflies feed on nectar, particularly on purple flowers such as blazing star, New England aster and mistflower. Monarch caterpillars require milkweed leaves to feed on. As the monarchs start making their way South to Mexico for the winter, the adult butterflies lay eggs on milkweed plants. We found one of these caterpillars on a honeyvine that we were pulling off of a client’s redbud tree in her front yard. Honeyvine, Cynanchum laeve, a native milkweed vine, makes good habitat for monarch caterpillars, but often grows aggressively and overtops other desirable plants. We chose to remove it all in this tidy landscape. Since there were no milkweeds left nearby, we moved it to a common milkweed in her backyard. Hopefully it will find plenty to eat there! To benefit monarchs in your yard, make sure to have plenty of milkweeds and nectar plants available!

Jumping In


At Native Landscape Solutions, we often describe ourselves as being “mission driven” or we take “ownership of the project” or we “jump in with both feet.”
Most often we think of these phrases as figurative speaking, but this past Saturday- we took a literal approach to jumping in with both feet!  The City of Florissant, Missouri recently renovated there signature water feature located in St. Ferdinand Park.  Part of that renovation included installing native aquatics for the newly stocked fish to shelter in.  So last Saturday morning, we hit the project in force installing hundreds of aquatics.  Now we sit back and watch them go to work providing meaningful habitat for aquatic insects and fish alike.
Here’s to “Jumping In”

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