Our Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. crews recently completed an off-the-grid, remote, non-native invasive plant control project for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources at Cuivre River State Park.  We treated 150 acres to control Garlic Mustard, a plant that many experts consider one of the ten most destructive plants in the state.  Each of the biennial plants is capable of producing 500 or more seeds, which readily germinate the following year to continue its cycle.  Although the area treated is not frequented by park visitors, the invasive populations of Garlic Mustard none the less were at risk of jeopardizing the entire stream corridor. Our crews worked long days to get the entire area under control.  It is gratifying to play a positive role in controlling unwanted invasive plants in one of Missouri’s most beautiful parks.  Our crews are licensed and trained for this type of work and they are very focused on completing their work in a professional manner.  We are proud of our crews for their hard work and diligent service.