It Happened Again… Seems every time I have taken a picture of a wildflower this spring, it seems that I have gotten more than expected.  Time after time as I review each photo I find a pollinator climbing among the petals.  Flower color and location don’t seem to matter, each photo seems to have a native bee, beetle or a butterfly busy at work amongst the stamens.  Just this past week as I observed a planting of red prairie clover, you know the one with iridescent orange pollen covering its stamens, almost every flower was being visited by a honeybee or a bumble bee. Every one of the pollen collectors was loaded with bright orange pollen stashed to over flowing.  It was a busy site for sure, loaded with pollinators hell bent for making the most of this Spring and Summers flower crop. I say all this, because I am thinking these overlooked creatures have always been doing their jobs, just seemingly unnoticed.


What this really means is that these little unnoticed creatures have been busy doing their job in the environment with little fan fair and almost no recognition, at least till now.  At long last, pollinators and their allies are starting to receive the accolades and recognition they deserve.  This past week  or so the St Louis Zoo hosted a pollinators dinner to celebrate and raise awareness of pollinators in our daily lives. So next time you snap a frame, look for the pollinator, I’ll bet you will find one!

When the World wearies and Society ceases to satisfy, there is always the Garden.