Like so many things in life, how we see something really defines our perspective and overall view on life.  In the horticultural world, all too often insect damage to landscape plantings guarantee a phone call demanding service.  But if we shift our perspective, or perhaps just simply how we view the situation, then we can take a moment and celebrate the world we live in.  The attached photos were recently received from a client.  But this time, no calls for service- no screams to kill the bugs eating her plants- rather- she was bragging!  After all, she should be!  A year ago we started the process to transform her rear yard into a lawnless garden loaded with a blend of native pollinators species and classic horticultural go to’s.  Mixed among the Hydrangea and Boxwood is a healthy dose of natives- most notably – Swamp Milkweed, Coreopsis and Coneflower.

She called early summer and was thrilled by the presence of finches all over her rear planting harvesting the seeds of Coreopsis and in turn the Coneflower.  Completely hooked, she called this morning anxious about her next project – a front yard lawnless makeover including stalwarts and natives.  Her perspective modulation is complete- it is all natural of course for a science teacher to practice what she preaches.  Wait until the garden busts out next spring- then it will be a chance for the neighbors to consider their perspectives!