Are you familiar with fantastic native of Missouri- found throughout the state in fields, roadsides hillsides – in fact almost everywhere.  The plant, Spiderwort, Tradescantia ohioensis,  is the most common of eight species native to the state.  The species freely hybridize with each other, often making them a botanist nightmare to key out with a one hundred percent certainty.  As a classic monoct flower – it is three merous in all of its purple splendor. Actually the hue of purple can range from blue, to indigo to deep violet creating a great combination for mixing with lanceleaf coreopsis for an awesome show of purple and gold.  Spiderwort is available in the horticultural industry, so they are easy to add to ones home garden.
Did you know the other members of this family?  I’ll bet you are familiar with Wandering Jew, often used for hanging baskets- watch your basket next time it flowers, you will find the 3 merous familiarity of spiderwort in each and every flower.

Wandering Jew