Well, Spring has finally arrived, at least according to the calendar.  One thing to notice for sure is the heightened bird activity – seems like its all about a mate and location, location , location.  You may have noticed that some species are uniquely territorial by nature- the common House Wren and the Northern Cardinal  are two that come to my mind.  My favorite thing to do with these over aggressive property owners is to antagonize them of course-   How? Well, check out the Cornell University Website –www. All about Birds.org – it has a wealth of information about bird species including recordings of songs, calls and whistles.  The Northern Cardinal for example has recordings which can bring an aggressive male right in on top of ya- nothing like seeing this brilliant bird within 5′.  I have gone to the step of putting it on my phone – works great- and the birds love to see who is new in the neighborhood.   So next time you are sitting on the back deck- try communicating with the neighborhood birds – guaranteed to eat up your battery life!
When the World wearies, and Society ceases to satisfy, there is always the Garden!