Prairie Establishment & Stewardship Services in St. Louis

Native landscapes have unique establishment parameters and we can develop one, two, and three year stewardship programs for your project. We will define required activities, frequency of activities and cost inputs for annual maintenance budgeting. We will develop an annual maintenance schedule for all of these activities.

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. has great experience in establishing and maintaining new native prairies. The first couple of years are devoted to getting the native plants established and growing. After that, the emphasis is on nurturing. Our people are dedicated to bringing their best game to the table on every project. We have the right, specialized equipment, we know the best specialty herbicides, and we understand the how to bring all the ingredients together for the best results

Natives Are Low Maintenance

A well planned native landscape will be ‘low maintenance’.

All landscapes need some maintenance, but none can give the high quality that natives do with such little input. Mature native ecosystems do not need fertilizers, irrigation, or pesticides. They thrive in balance with the environment. These plantings are literally sustainable!

Once the landscape matures, an annual cutting is a major maintenance requirement. The reason for this annual clean up is to remove the previous year’s growth, and is achieved by prescribed burning or mechanical cutting.

Throughout the growing season a trained and vigilant eye is needed to look out for potential exotic weeds and other unwanted invaders.

They are not the typical manicured, chemical and water dependent landscapes!