Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. has been working at the U S Parks Service, US Grant National Historic Site on a number of ecological projects, including non-native invasive plant control and stormwater basin remediation.  We were selected as the contractor for this work due in part to our plans, designs, and methodology.

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We wanted to share some pictures of the stormwater project, as it has been converted from a plain collection area to an amended soil native plant basin.  Over 1,000 new native plants have been installed which will root deeply to assist in rain water uptake.  They also will add much beauty to the site with seasonal flowers and various textures and heights.  The plants installed at the lower parts of the basin will tolerate higher water levels experienced during a storm, and the plants installed along the upper slopes will tolerate drier conditions.  Many of these plants will bloom this year, but the real show will start in years 2 and 3.  Native plants are very durable and will give the US Grant NHS many years of low maintenance enjoyment.  These plants that were installed are native plants that would have been present in Missouri at the time Grant lived here.  Native Landscape Solutions also added stone work at the water inlets and overflow areas to improve the overall appearance of the basin and to reduce erosion.  We think it looks great.

If you have not visited this great site, please mark a date in your calendar to do so.  It is a very significant historical site and you will enjoy your visit very much

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