It seems like just yesterday, Native Landscape Solutions was asked to design and install a rain garden for the Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site.  This request was part of a RFP in the early spring of 2016.  We were thrilled when we were awarded the work, and we set about preparing the existing basin to be planted as a rain garden.  After some thoughtful consideration, we tilled, amended the soil with compost and tilled again.  The end result was a planting bed ready to receive a collection of native species. The plugs were installed in the summer of 2016.  A good mixture of species were installed with early, mid and late flowering species.  When you install plugs, you are installing Hope & Promise.  Today, some fifteen months later, the basin is loaded with native seed to be relocated to other parts of the site.  This rain garden seed factory is making the most of its opportunities, in addition it is a food factory for native species of pollinators, almost too many to count.
What a difference a year makes!!!  Here is to Hope & Promise!