I would imagine if I had been an art major in school, or even took some illustration classes I might be able to explain the difference between “warm” colors and “cool” ones- or pastel colors versus hot colors.  But none the less I have to admit “Yellow” is one of my favorite colors for a native landscape.  After all, yellow shows up from miles away!  I cannot possibly imagine what a field of Lanceleaf Coreopsis looks like to pollinators and birds.  In my head I think all of the Goldfinches punching in a GPS location of the blooming Coreopsis- why?  Because all Finches love Coreopsis seed!

The Missouri Primrose is an incredible native, growing in beds and bluffs,  hillsides and glades.  Its soft yellow flowers open wide and brighten any niche in which they grow.  The seed of the Primrose?  That is the worthy subject of another blog- wait till you see the pictures!

Until then,,,When the world wearies, and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the Garden.