Simon Barker

Simon is a principal of Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. and is Director of Native Horticulture. Simon ensures our work is done at the highest level! With a passion for native plants and learning from natural communities he is constanly striving for better ways to bring natural beauty into our everyday lives.
Currently he serves on the Grow Native! committee as Chair of the Membership Advancement subcommittee for this fine program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation, and on the Partners For Native Landscaping committee.

Horticulture BS, University of Reading, England, with emphasis in Landscape Design
Internship at Missouri Botanical Garden, St Louis, MO

Worked in several British public gardens and nurseries.
Suburbia Gardens Inc, St Louis, MO, 1986 to 1988
Simon was employed to develop and manage Bowood Farms Inc., Clarksville, MO, from its inception in 1989 until July 2003. Bowood Farms Inc., was a leading wholesale grower of perennials, herbs, hardy roses, vines, ornamental grasses, native plants and shrubs for the St Louis area, producing high quality plants.
Monica and Simon founded Barker Horticultural Services LLC in July, 2003, providing horticultural expertise in landscape planting design and selection for the St Louis region.

Past Leadership in Associations:
Landscape and Nurserymens Association of Greater St Louis, MO, Past President
Horticulture Co-op of Metro St Louis, Past President

Missouri Prairie Foundation
Missouri Landscape and Nursery Association
Landscape and Nursery Association of Greater St Louis
Horticulture Co-op of Metro St Louis
Grow Native!
American Horticultural Society
Perennial Plant Association