Prairies are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional high maintenance landscapes.  Our native flowers and grasses are stunning both as individuals and as a complete prairie plant community.  Native landscapes provide beauty, habitat, and a place to rekindle our connection with nature.


Prairies require no fertilizers or fungicides and few herbicides.  They create a high quality habitat for birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other beneficial wildlife.  Deep rooted prairie plants encourage infiltration of rainwater into the soil, helping to reduce stormwater runoff and flooding.

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc.  wanted to share with you a few photos of native prairie at Mercy Virtual Care, a magnificent new building in west Saint Louis County.  We planted this prairie about 18 months ago and it already is a beautiful site, featuring Coreopsis, Indian Paintbrush, Beardstongue, and many warm season grasses.  Our Ecological Specialists have been working hard to encourage growth of the good plants and diminish the growth of the bad plants.  The results?  The site looks great.  We appreciate the trust and confidence our clients place in us.