Throughout the United States, invasive plants are destroying native ecosystems and landscapes as they out-compete native plants for light, nutrients and moisture. While many of these invaders were brought here for seemingly good reasons, others arrived accidentally. Unregulated, these plants spread rapidly and wreaked havoc on biodiversity as they overtake the natural landscape.

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. can help you control unwanted non-native invasive plants.

We are knowledgeable and experienced in devising professional control plans with implementation. We have successfully provided invasive plant control for municipalities, parks, government agencies, and private landowners. Our licensed and trained personnel are experts in this field and have significant experience handling a wide range of non-native plants.

Let us tackle your non-native species control problems. We are your source for knowledgeable, trained personnel to plan and implement a program just for you.  We can prepare a professional plan for you, schedule the work, implement the work using appropriate professional equipment, and provide multi-year stewardship for control.