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Our Vision

To be an industry leader in ecological landscape installation, restoration and stewardship.

Our Mission

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. provides knowledgeable horticultural practices and professional ecological solutions to create sustainable landscapes and to enhance the natural landscape. Native landscapes provide beauty, habitat, and a place to rekindle our connection with nature. We offer sustainable landscape services to State and Federal agencies, municipalities, corporate campuses, schools, institutions, estates and private residences. Our team of motivated, well trained, experienced and dedicated employees lead our ecological stewardship efforts.

Our Values

Quality, Knowledge, Ecological Stewardship, Relationships, Trust, Integrity

We Believe

Quality matters – quality native landscapes offer beauty, habitat, and a place to rekindle our connection with nature.

Knowledge is vital – we have strong horticultural backgrounds and possess a broad and significant knowledge of plants and landscaping.

Ecological leadership - we are committed to being good stewards of our environment and utilizing Best Management Practices to create great sustainable landscape solutions.

Creativity counts – all landscapes are not created equal and creative ecological landscape thinking improves appearance and functionality.

Skill is nurtured – our crews are experienced, trained and dedicated to completing every project with best horticultural practices.

Relationships are important – we build trust through our reliability, communications, and execution; our integrity leads to long-term relationships.

About Our Company

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. has the people and the resources to go to work for you. Our management is uniquely knowledgeable in native and ecological landscape issues, with a combined total of over 100 years of landscape experience. We have the trucks, equipment, tools – and PEOPLE - necessary to carry out your projects.


We have provided ecological landscape solutions for discriminating clients for many years. We know our business and the importance of being customer focused. The unique field of native and ecological landscapes is home to us with a strong background in and understanding of native plants.

Experience & Knowledge Matter

Our horticulturalists and botanist are trained and experienced in prairies, stormwater BMPs, non-native invasive plant control, ecological stewardship, and native landscaping. We have studied these fields and we have worked for many years in these fields. Let us bring our experience and knowledge to your next project.

We have the right equipment for your job

It takes specialized equipment to be productive and efficient in the ecological landscape business – and we have it: Truax no-till native seed drill, multiple types of mowing and height control equipment, specialized sprayers and applicators, field burning equipment, skid loaders, excavators. And, we have experienced crews to safely operate this equipment.

Licensed personnel

We have licensed and certified personnel who are qualified to work in our field: pesticide applicator licenses for turf and ornamentals, aquatics, right of way, and forestry plus OSHA safety certifications. We do significant training to insure that we are prepared and ready for your job.


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