A prairie is an ecological system dominated by grasses, common in areas where there’s not enough rainfall to support trees – like across the Great Plains.  Planting a prairie is an endeavor worthy of your time and effort.  Wildflowers add to the beauty of a prairie.

Let Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. help you achieve your goal of establishing or restoring a prairie.

Prairies increase biodiversity of native plant species and conserve rapidly decreasing topsoil.  A prairie also is low maintenance, especially in comparison to a traditional lawn, and aesthetically pleasing when mature.  While prairies take time to develop, requiring patience and careful management the first few years, they will mature into a unique, self-sustaining natural landscape.  Mowing and spraying your prairie in the first three years will help to reduce competition from weeds and invasive woody plants, thus allowing the native plants a chance to establish and flourish.

We are your source for knowledgeable, trained personnel to plan and create a beautiful, sustainable prairie just for you.  Call us today to set up an appointment.  We can prepare a professional plan for you, prepare your site, seed with the proper native seed mix using appropriate professional equipment, and provide multi-year stewardship for establishment.