Native Landscape Solutions, Inc.

The Leader in Ecological Solutions

Native Landscape Solutions, Inc. is the industry leader in providing native landscaping services, ecological consulting, habitat restoration and other ecologically-based solutions to corporate campuses, municipalities, schools, government agencies, and businesses through Missouri and the greater Midwest.  Native Landscape Solutions, Inc.  has a team of certified Arborists, Botanists, Horticulturalists and Biologists to assist you in meeting your ecological goals.  Give us a call for a free consultation – we’re here for you at 314.544.7918!

Proudly serving
the Greater Midwest.

Our sustainable ecological and stewardship services benefit organizations throughout St. Louis, Missouri and the greater Midwest region, including corporate, campus facilities, state and federal agencies, municipalities, schools, home builders, stormwater BMPS, utilities, green energy, rain gardens, woodlands, prairies & more.